This school has been amazing for our son who has thrived since attending. The staff is so knowledgeable, incredibly caring, and fosters a wonderful balance between learning and play. I can’t say enough great things about this school and am thankful we have found it.
— Megan
I have never seen my son this happy about going to school since he started attending Arlington Community preschool. The teachers and all the staff there are very knowledgeable and have passion for what they do. It’s a warm and loving environment both for us and our boy to be raised in. Great balance of learning and play. There is always something new and exciting for my son to learn from. They not only help our son to be nurtured emotionally, spiritually, and educationally, they provide resources and good council to educate us parents as well to help us become good parents. Arlington Community Preschool is an answer to our long time prayer. We thank God for them everyday and we thank them as well everyday for all the hard work and love they put into this preschool.
— Beza
When we moved from Japan, my son didn’t know any English. However, the teachers at ACP were so patient, warm-hearted and welcoming. The teachers are very knowledgeable, experienced and have so many ideas to attract the kids. Our son has learned a lot. Now he is really ready for kindergarten. He misses his teachers and friends there. We were so lucky to be able to find this school. We love ACP very much.
— Emina
This is a loving environment with lots of learning. After moving our child to a closer preschool, we returned to ACP because we missed the caring and nurturing teachers. Our child graduated from preschool prepared for kindergarten, which was most important, but the school’s and teachers’ flexibility and attention to our family’s and child’s need is unique and special.
— Adam
We love this preschool! The teachers and administrators cultivate a wonderful sense of community among the children and their families, and the classroom experience is great. Our daughter started in 2’s last year and is continuing on this year. We’ve loved the amount of individualized attention each child receives (ratios are much more favorable than other schools in the Arlington area) and the exposure to things like science and Spanish in addition to a normal preschool curriculum. The outdoor space is large with plenty of equipment to encourage gross motor play, and the teachers complement the core curriculum with all kinds of special events throughout the year.
— Martha
My daughter spent two years at this sweet preschool and she loved it. She learned so much from this group of educators, we are forever grateful! If you are looking for a small preschool that gets to know your child individually and loves them unconditionally, that will help them learn key skills in preparation for Kindergarten and beyond, this IS the place.
— Leigh
Love Arlington Community Preschool! My son just graduated from Pre-K with Ms. Petry. She is such an amazing teacher who loves each of her students like her own. My son ended the year knowing the planets, the continents, the states of matter and so much more! What a wonderful experience.
— Kelly
My kids have been attending ACP for 6 years now and have loved every minute of it. The oldest 2 were so well prepared for Kindergarten and my youngest is now in the 3’s class thriving! The teachers, the space, the parents—-it’s all wonderful, warm, inviting and playful. I appreciate the experience that Ms. Petrey and Ms. Laurie bring to the classroom. They really know how to make each day positive and fun. While the kids learn every day through play, we’ve been impressed by all of the social and emotional learning too. The assistant teachers are just wonderful as well and they really get to know the students on a one on one basis each day. We highly recommend ACP!
— Feven
The care, love, and thought into your teaching is so evident. I am beyond grateful!
— Caralina
This school is my kid’s second home. These teachers are my kid’s allies and daytime guardians, but more importantly they are his educators. It’s not daycare, not a spot to park your kid to play; I transferred my kid here because he had outgrown daycare and needed structure and academic enrichment. And that’s something these teachers and the preschool leadership are seriously committed to providing - they are preparing these little people for elementary school and they take that responsibility seriously. Not all kids are ready for that at the same time. At 2, my kid would have struggled. At 3, he was ready. His transition to preschool was not without tears and stress. But the teachers understood how to immediately engage him and were proactive in helping him to get comfortable as quickly as possible. Within a week or so, he had fully adjusted and was thrilled to be at school. And now I am endlessly impressed with what my boy comes home with every day - stories about science experiments, Spanish lessons, how to be righteous and good. It makes my heart so happy to see him thrive like this.

And when my kid misbehaves, or has trouble paying attention (and he does, because of course he does), the teachers are gentle course correctors. They are good at motivating him to do better and partnering with us as parents to share information. They have a great (read: low) student to teacher ratio such that all the teachers know all the kids really well and the kids feel comfortable with all of the teachers.

I heart ACP.
— Midori
Our family is incredibly happy with this charming little preschool. Our two boys have blossomed during their time there. We really appreciate its small size and family-like feel. The teachers are very nurturing, and it is evident how much they care about the children as individuals. ACP has a great balance of social-emotional learning, hands-on academics and play. Our boys delight in telling us about the science experiments they did at school to learn about magnets or volcanoes or the states of matter—as well as about their friends and beloved teachers. On the weekend, they ask when they can go back to preschool. They love it! We are thankful that our children are at this special place during this formative time in their lives.
— Whitney