2017 Nominating Committee (NomCom)


What is it? The NomCom consists of the Lead Pastor, two elected by the Ministry Board, and two elected from the church members for the purpose of selecting nominees to fill open Ministry Board positions in 2017-18. These nominees will be presented for approval at ACC’s Annual Congregational meeting on Sunday, June 11, 2017.

Who can be on the NomCom? ACC members* 

How do I nominate someone to be on the NomCom?
The member* wishing to place someone in nomination must contact and obtain permission from the person to be nominated and receive assurance that the person will allow his/her name to be considered. 
Nominations will be open until Friday morning, April 27.

When will the vote happen? A quick ballet vote will take place at the end of the worship celebration next Sunday, April 30. No nominations will be received from the floor at that time.

* ACC Member = any individual (16 and older) who has completed the NEXT Class and has been affirmed in active membership by the Elders.

Please use the following form to nominate an ACC Member for the 2017 ACC NomCom

*Permission must be obtained from the individual before their name may be submitted*

Your Name *
Your Name

ACC Members

Adam, Peggy
Bikcen, Ana Maria
Bridges, Ulyses
Calandra, Faythe
Hildebrand, Bruce
Hildebrand, Josie
McNeice, Bill
McNeice, Shirley
Cole, Robert
Johnston, Martin
Johnston, Jeryl
Cox, Maria del Pilar
Cox, Ed
Okuwoga, Ade
Araia, Tzehitu
Birdseye, Wally
Birdseye, Marilyn
Eckrote, Amy
Conrado, Jorge
Conrado, Dayra
Skinner, Julie
Skinner, Doug
Hill Ditto, Joy
Hill, Alan
Dayton, Amy
Dayton, Alan
White, Lee
Sawyer, Joel
Sawyer, Nancy
White, Joy Dee
White, Scott
Phelps, Erik
Phelps, Erin
Morrison, Susan
Rowan, Brittany
Rowan, Chris
Pajak, Maria
Harlow, Stuart
Harlow, Thais
Archie, Sandie
Finley, Rosa
Goodman, Rick
Goodman, Katie
Slater, David
Slater, Bethany
Andrade, Eliana
Eckrote, John
Miller, Stewart
Brown, Laurie
Kinder, Rob
Kinder, Cindy
Schifflett, Rebecca
Sumy, Nathan
Sumy, Danielle
Williams, Dennis
Williams, Jennifer